You may meet blueberry, vanilla, anise and many more flavors in your wine, that can make you wonder what winemakers blend in their wines! You can also taste something bitter, sweet or sour.

Well flavors in wine is when aroma and taste converge. They come from aroma compounds and can be categorized in Fruit – Floral – Herbal, Spice, and Earth.

Fruit – Floral – Herbal can be ascribed to white flowers, apple, strawberry and peas, grass, ball peppers etc.

Spice reminds us black pepper, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, thyme and basil, coconut, roasted hazelnut, butter, caramel, smoke, chocolate, ginger etc.

We can identify Earth-like flavors similar to soil, clove, balsamic, pickles, bacon, even mushrooms.