With their premium quality, distinct character, and unadulterated sense of terroir, the wines of Greece win over even the most demanding wine lover.

Their attributes are further fortified in the case of the Greek dessert wines which have found in the sun a willing conspirator to aid them in concentrating their aromas and taste. This profile is further strengthened by the tradition and experience of centuries in the hands of veterans as well as the newer generation of Greek winemakers whose secret methods for vinification of dessert wines have no equal.

Greece’s dessert wines have placed themselves in the highest echelons of the worldwide wine hierarchy, and on numerous occasions they have justly earned the right to add the “world-class” epithet to their name. Greek dessert wines are multi-faceted and distinct in contrast to dessert wines originating in other winegrowing countries.

 They come with colors which go from pale gold to deep purple; with aromas that reveal the clean-cut simplicity of freshly-picked fruit and the desiccated character that comes only from years of oaking; and with tastes which range from a glamorous vibrancy to a velvety character, a gift that only time can bestow on a wine.

The best of examples is Santorini’s sweet white wine or “ambrosia of the gods” Vinsanto (PDO Santorini). A young Vinsanto possesses a golden orange color and fruity character reminiscent of quinces, braised figs, dates, and ripe yellow fruit, touched with honey and caramel. On the other hand, once it has become a “venerably old nectar,” it is as dark as mahogany and possesses intense underlying aromas replete with coffee, dried fruit, molasses, and incense. This rare, sweet diamond of the land of Thera; it is not exaggeration to claim that its place among the top dessert wines worldwide has been rightfully earned.

Desserts based on caramel, fig, dried nuts, coffee, or quinces are the best companions. However, the class and strength of a Vinsanto allow for even bolder serving combinations such as with sharply salty cheeses like “kopanisti” or Roquefort as well as for the companionship offered by an epicurean, premium cigar. 

Whatever the pairing choice may be when deciding to enjoy this rare and highly acclaimed wine, one thing is for certain: an exciting, novel wine experience beckons. Vinsanto does not merely usher one to an appreciation of fine wine; it also excites the senses with its taste, its legend, and the singularity of its birthplace, the inimitable Santorini.