Nothing is more refreshing than a cool glass of wine when the weather is hot – but nothing is more boring than waiting for the wine to chill before drinking it. Is it allowed to quickly freeze the wine by throwing in ice cubes? Expert opinions vary…

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The most common opinion is that putting ice cubes in the wine is not allowed because it dilutes the taste of the wine. Many sommeliers say that this is one of the most annoying things their customers ask them: to put ice cubes in white wine.

However, many wineries have released wines that must be served over ice, such as Moët Ice Impérial NV champagne, Freixenet Ice cava, etc.

In some Mediterranean countries, we notice that more and more often white or rosé wine is served with ice. Peter Richards MW states on “My view is Do whatever you want with your wine as long as it makes you happy!’ Because after all, that’s what wine is for. However, you should know that if you put ice cubes the wine will be diluted and you will not enjoy its normal taste. Unless you drink it fast.”

Instead of Ice Cubes…

Richards recommends putting some grapes in our freezer and then dropping frozen grape rods into the wine, instead of ice cubes. This way we will freeze the wine but not water it. Of course, there are many ways to freeze wine quickly instead of putting ice cubes.