By serving your wine at the right temperature you help it bring out its flavor and aroma perfectly – but many, like many restaurants, serve their red wine too hot or their white wine too cold.

Keep a few simple rules in mind.

Red Wine

Red wine is at its best when served at room temperature, around 15-18°C (59-64 degrees Fahrenheit).

Lambrusco, young Beaujolais or Gamay, and other light reds such as e.g., young Agiorgitika vats that should be cool – around 10-13°C (50-55ºF). But remember Cru Beaujolais is best at room temperature. Medium-bodied red at 13°C.

White Wine

White wine is most often served chilled at temperatures below 10°C, but even here there are exceptions – especially full-bodied whites. The more complex and full-bodied white wine is, the warmer it should be served somewhere between 10 and 13°C. Sweet whites and light crisps are at their best at temperatures around 6-10°C.


In general, rosés should be chilled like white wines—7–10°C.

white wine served with food by the sea

Sparkling Wines and Champagnes

Freeze them in the fridge door and serve them at their best between 6-10°C

Dessert Wine

Most of the sweet wines are served chilled at 6-8°C. except Tawny Port & sweet Sherries: 12-16°C, Sweet Madeira & Vintage Port: 18-20°C.

Don’t Forget:

  • the Mineral water is served at 6-8°C.
  • Draught & Bottled Lager beer 9-11°C
  • Draught Bitter beers 12-14°C
  • Brown Ales and Stouts 15-18°C