Do temperature changes have a negative effect on wine? Should we freeze and defrost our wines?

Sometimes we put a bottle of wine in the refrigerator intending to consume it. But we forget about it there for a month and decide to take it back to our cellar. But we have all read how vital it is to maintain certain temperatures. What are the effects and what changes can refrigeration bring to our wine?

Paolo Basso, the best sommelier in the world for 2013, shares his thoughts:

As with any food we consume, exposure to cold will slow down or stop its ripening process. If you do this just once to a bottle of young wine, this chilling period will stop its aging without any effect. A more mature wine, however, which is less resistant to temperature change will suffer some disturbance in its maturation process. Wine is like people…young people recover more easily from an accident while as we get older everything becomes more difficult. Therefore, it is best to avoid a bad event in any case.

Finally, especially for champagne, according to Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, it should be refrigerated 48 hours before we enjoy it if this is possible.

Feature 📷 Credits to @hatzidakis_winery (IG Handle)