Ancient Greek Myths, hide in a simple but wise way, truths and historical events, such as the Myth of the “Vine and Wine” that connect him with the god Dionysus.

The Legend

This myth tells how the god Dionysos, when he was a baby, next to his cradle, where the Nymphs had deposited him, saw a vine growing. The little god, impressed by her fruit, the grapes that are, stretched out his hand and caught some grapes, put them in his mouth, and got drunk!

But the Nymphs and the Satyrs also got drunk with the juice of the grapes and set up a dance, and falling from the mountain where they were, they passed dancing through meadows, meadows, cities, and many states. And of course, the Myth alludes to the joy caused by wine and the export of wine from ancient times to other countries.

However, a Syrian tour guide, guiding a group of tourists to countries in the East, without knowing that there were two Greeks among them, narrated an amazing Myth about Dionysus and wine. He vividly mentioned the Myth, saying: “The god of the Ancient Greeks, Dionysos, traveled to the East, where he met the vine and the wine.

He was so excited, that when he left there, he took vine seeds with him. To transport them safely, he carefully stored them inside the empty skull of a bird. But his journey was long, the seeds sprouted, grew, and he had to transplant them into the skull of a lion. But again, the small vine plants grew and for the third time, the god Dionysus was forced to transplant them into an even bigger skull.

So, he transplanted them into the skull of a donkey and brought them to Greece, where the vine is cultivated with great success.” The Syrian tour guide continued her narration, explaining the allegory of the Myth, which implies: “Whoever drinks a little wine, feels light as a bird. If he drinks a little more, he feels strong like a lion. But if he falters, he behaves like a silly person!’

Feature Image by: @hellenistichistory (IG Account)