Wine tasting is complicated universe and even the experts make some mistakes here and there.
The big mistake is to believe that for apreciate wine you need to have technical knowledge about this beverage. Some extra informations could obviously help you but they will not improve the taste experience for theirselves. Make it simple its an advantage.
So, lets talk about some mistakes we all make when drinking wine.

Overfilling your glass : When you overfill your glass that will make it heavy for you to hold it in a confortable way and the wine has less space to breath and open. Above that, we shoul make some small circular movements with the glass for the molecules to stir and improve taste, if your glass is full, this is difficult to do.

Hold the glass from the bottom : One more common mistake. We should try to hold the glass by its rod and avoid the bottom- our body heat will interfere in the wine’s temperature changing its flavor. There are also tips that could help you chill your wine quickly

Always drink the same wine : If we want to properly know and apreciate wine, we should avoid drinking the same wine or same variety. The offer is big and we should explore it and the endless possibilities.

Be overly attached to the rules of wine matching : There are some rules of wine matching for wine and food: for exemple, red wine goes better for meat, white wine is for seafood. These are importante notes but they shouldn’t be seen as ablosute rules. There are endless choices and possibilities and, most of the times, take the risk in improbable combinations could end up with great surprises.

Drinking too fast : This is the most common “mistake”, we all make it. We don’t give wine enough time to breath and grow, in the bottle or in the glass. Enjoy the moment, learn a bit about wine and improve your experience.

Push the cork inside the wine : Delicacy is the key when its time to open a bottle of wine, but who never had the misfortune of making this mistake and end up with a cork falling in pieces over the wine? When this happens, the solution is to decant the wine. Just so the wine will have the original taste.