Are you in the mood for a glass of wine but don’t have the time to wait for your favorite “malagouzia” to freeze in the fridge? So that you don’t have to wait, we suggest four ways in which a bottle of wine can be chilled in 20 minutes or less!

1. Add salt

As you already know, wine cools faster if we put it in a container with ice. If we put cold water together with the ice, the wine cools faster. But did you know that adding salt to this mixture will make your wine cool even faster? Salt lowers the freezing point of water and allows it to get colder without turning into ice. This means that the bottle of wine freezes even faster.

2. Spin the bottle

If the triple cold water-ice-salt method doesn’t chill the wine as quickly as you’d like, place the bucket next to you on the table and gently swirl the bottle in the cold water every couple of minutes. When you do this, more wine comes into contact with the cold glass on the walls of the bottle, so it cools faster. This method, you must remember, is not recommended for sparkling wines. If you try it with champagne, it will be a matter of time before the bottle pops!

3. Wet the bottle

If you put the wine in the freezer, it will cool relatively quickly. But if you want EVEN faster, do the following. Wet a kitchen towel and wrap it with this bottle. The humidity helps keep the cold and the wet towel wrapped around the bottle ensures that the entire surface of the bottle is in contact with the cold.

4. Divide the wine into glasses

Another way to quickly enjoy chilled wine is to serve it in glasses and put the glasses in the fridge. In a few minutes, it will be ready and frozen. Smaller portions of wine freeze faster.